My Top 5 albums of 2013

In my honest opinion, 2013 wasn’t a spectacular year for music. Though there were certainly a few gems to be found, there wasn’t a boat load of releases that I would say really made their mark. But without further ado, here are my top 5 albums of 2013.


Honorable Mentions

Migrant – The Dear Hunter


I really wanted to put this in my top five, I really did, but it just didn’t make the cut. This is the first album by the Dear Hunter that isn’t a concept album and it really hit the nail on the head. Though not love at first listen, it really grew on me and became one of my favorites they’ve made.

New Demons – I See Stars


These guys really proved themselves to me with New Demons. It shows a lot of maturity and real growth in the bands sound. If you ever doubted this bands talent, look no further than this album.

Best EP of the year

The Pop Underground – Andrew McMahon


Announcing the end of Jack’s Mannequin, Andrew really broke my heart. But hearing his solo EP this spring really got my hopes back up that he would go back into making great music. The Ep shows Andrew tinkering with some electronic sound, while still keeping the piano we all love. I can’t wait for a full album release!

Number 5

Common Courtesy – A Day to Remember


As you know from my review, I was really impressed with this one. It showed the struggle the band went through and really tells a story. This is some of the bands best work and hopefully is only a taste of what else the band is brewing up.

Number 4

Save Rock and Roll – Fall Out Boy


Definitely the most surprising album of the year, Fall Out Boy surprised the whole world with the announcement of this one. Not only did it give the band new life, but it really showed that these boys aren’t even close to being done yet. Welcome back boys.

Number 3

Vessel – Twenty One Pilots


This album really marks the start of a great career for Josh and Tyler. It’s a perfect blend of sounds and every song is a great listen. If you haven’t listened to this one, be sure to put it at the ToP of your to do list. (Punny)

Number 2

Sempiternal – Bring Me the Horizon 


Oli’s voice is dead, we can all agree on that, but the one thing this band will never lose is their passion. This album is dark, beautiful, and is really the best work this band has ever done. It took me by surprise how much I loved this album, and will always be a part of my top collection.

Number 1

The Hurry and The Harm – City and Colour


How to describe this album… Well, it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s rare to hear such a well balance of songs and really never get tired of any of them. The acoustic tone with hints of many other sounds throughout make this one unforgettable. This is Dallas Green’s best work to date and should be part of any music lovers collection. Do yourself a favor and give this album a listen.


Well, that’s my list! Hope you all enjoyed my choices, and here’s to a great 2014!

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