The Worst 5 Albums of 2013

So, another year has passed and oh boy, were there some clunkers this year. Here is my list for the worst five albums of 2013.

Most Disappointing Album of the Year

Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams – Thirty Seconds to Mars


After This is War, I didn’t think Thirty Seconds to Mars could ever write a better album. Not only did their new album confirm that belief, but my goodness was it disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a horrible album by any means, but compared to This is War it just falls so flat. Let’s hope they can rebound next album and get back to doing what they do best.

Worst EP of the year

The Ocean of the Sky – The Used


This EP was nothing like I expected. After Vulnerable, I expected this EP to be a bit lighter of a sound, but it ended up being a big political message. I don’t mind trying to send a message through music, but leave politics out. And to leave a final note, do we really need a 20 min song. Really!? Get back to your roots and make good music again.

Number 5

Hollow Bodies – Blessthefall


I’ve never really been a huge fan of Blessthefall. Once I heard the lead single off of Hollow Bodies, ‘You Wear A Crown But You’re No King’, I was really excited to hear what this album had to offer. It ended up delivering bland tracks with no real substance. It’s not just bland, it’s just plain boring. I was really hoping for more.

Number 4

Paramore – Paramore


I know a lot of you will disagree with me on this one, but hear me out. Paramore used to be such a unique band that wrote such great songs. But since the split of Zac and Josh Farro, it’s been apparent that Hayley is taking control. She is becoming a marketing tool for Fueled by Ramen and nothing more. This album is not the masterpiece people are making it out to be. It’s recycled trash music with nothing special to be found. Listen to Paramore’s other three albums and try to honestly tell me this compares at all.

Number 3

Spreading Rumors – Grouplove


I guess you can’t really expect much from the one-hit wonder band that is Grouplove. This album is simply a mess. The lead single did catch my attention, but the album as a whole is just bad. Nothing on this album feels like they really cared. You have a band that caught the public’s attention with one song, and they are obligated to keep releasing music. As for Grouplove, I think they should stop while they’re ahead.

Number 2

Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die – Panic at the Disco


From the first single of this album, I knew things were going to be bad. Not only was Brendon the only member of the band getting any limelight, the single ‘Miss Jackson’ was just an homage to the cocky, big-headed tales of Vegas past that is Brendons upbringing. I don’t mind if you want to write an album based off your past and have it be all about you, but this isn’t Brendon at the Disco, it’s Panic! at the disco, a BAND. He went from being one of my most idolized music figures to one of my most hated. As for Spencer, my advice would be to leave the band and go somewhere where you will be cared about. And as for album, it’s just pathetic. The songs sound like a chapter of Brendon’s bed side diary with some techno beats thrown in the background. My biggest issue is the closing track. Who the hell puts their own damn wedding vows into a song for the public ear? Are you serious? Get over yourself. I have to stop myself from keeping on with this review, I think I’ve said enough.

Number 1

Fashionably Late – Falling in Reverse


It’s sad that this album can even pass as an example of music. Just from hearing the lead single ‘Alone’, I knew this would be a train wreck. The album can’t decide what it wants to be. It goes from post-hardcore to alternative to electronic to rap and never sets into a grove. The biggest issue with this album isn’t the horrible songs though. It’s Ronnie. He see’s himself as this god amongst men who can do no wrong. He writes his lyrics about his greatness and how he’s a champion. Well let me tell  you something Ronnie, you’re an asshole. You run your mouth about people washing dishes for a living and how you make so much more money than everyone else, but those people washing dishes are the fans who will buy your piece of shit album. Treat your fans poorly and you get equal treatment. Maybe focus on working with your band and writing good music instead of being such a cocky asshole.This album could have been the best music written in decades, but still would have been anchored down by the arrogance that is Ronnie Radke. Just stop Ronnie, you’re a disease to the music scene.

Well, that was rough but it’s over. Hope I didn’t offend anyone in any way, this is just my opinion. Thanks for reading!

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