Crown the Empire “Resistance: Rise of the Runaways” Review




I know I either do a track-by-track or a quick review, but I felt this album was suited best by just a normal scale review. Thanks!


Crown the Empire are one of those bands that you love to see come to the popularity they are at now. I’ve know them since the Limitless EP days and have followed their incredible growth since. The Fallout for me was a decent album but it just didn’t have enough power behind it to really solidify it into my favorites. That all changes here. This album is breathtaking.

“Rise of the Runaways” is what I would consider a perfect concept album. The story isn’t anything out of this world unique or movie-plot worthy, but it does its job well. The album starts out with a man claiming essentially that freedom is no longer an aspect of life in the new Fallout. From here, we get to see the progression of the life of a Runaway. Every track in this album brings something new to the table. “Initiation” is the kick start track that sets everything into motion and I believe it was a great track for a first single. It then kicks into a almost album-ending ballad with “Millennia”. By that, I mean that it’s just such an epic song it could have easily closed the album. Other songs like “Satellites” and “Rise of the Runaways” gave me the same feeling, just raw and beautifully anthem songs. But don’t think the hard hitting songs aren’t in here too. “MNSTR” kicks you right in the face with a brutal intro and throughout really never gives up, along with “Bloodline” that has a eerie chanting background throughout the whole song. The album boils down to what we all were waiting for, “Johnny’s Rebellion” which is just pure bliss in music. It makes you think Johnny’s turmoil is over, just to rip it all away and send him to hell (literally). The way they blended in the other Johnny songs too was really great and gave me insane chills. Hopefully this isn’t the last we see of Johnny.

As fantastic as the music is here, the really kicker of this album is the way the story is told. There has never been a concept album better paced and told than this. Every song progresses the story in a way that really connects you to each song and in the end you feel like you just lived the life of a runaway too. These guys have some real talent and I have never seen a concept album so well written.

Crown the Empire have really outdone themselves with this album and honestly there is no part of it that I don’t like. If you are a fan of the metalcore scene, or just a fan of music at all, please give this a listen. I have only given this rating to three other albums in my life, but this album is absolutely perfect.

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