Sam Smith “In the Lonely Hour” Quick Review


I just don’t get this new wave of music. I really don’t. I will say for one that I enjoy the mainstream radio of today IMMENSELY more than I did 5 years ago when rap was the focus, but it’s still nothing to be desired. Though I can’t say this album was a complete flop, it certainly wasn’t anything I’m going to be buying anytime soon.

The album starts out with one of the more annoying songs I’ve heard in a long time. Money on my Mind is straight up nauseating and really has nothing that I’m interested in. “Leave Your Lover” is in bad taste, “Like I Can” was simply boring to me, and I felt “Lay Me Down” was a weak way to finish out the album.

Bad things aside, I really can’t deny that Sam has a pretty strong voice. I do like “Stay With Me”, though it’s so overplayed that it’s beginning to wear. Also, I really couldn’t help but really enjoy the melody in “Life Support” and “Good Thing”. They stuck out to me more than most on the album.

Overall, I just can’t say there’s much here for me. This new scene of soulful, slow paced power music that’s a new norm to the mainstream focus really just bores me. I hope soon we see a bit of a change of pace, but for now I think I’ll be avoiding the radio just as much as before.

Favorite Song

Life Support



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