Fall Out Boy “Centuries” Single Review


When Fall Out Boy came back off of hiatus, they shocked the world. Not only with the simple fact of their return, but mostly from the drastic change in sound. Some people embraced it, others hated it. It’s official everyone, the Fall Out Boy from yesteryear is dead, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all.

Centuries builds off the lavish sound Fall Out Boy built on Save Rock and Roll and advances it. Sure, it may come off as a bit too radio friendly to the die-hards, but I have to admit I liked this track a lot. Not at first, but after multiple listens, it caught on. I was the same way with SRaR, I really couldn’t get into it at all at first, but after some time and many listens through, I had accepted that Fall Out Boy weren’t the same band from 2005 and let myself enjoy the new sound. It really is the same thing here. If you can’t accept that this band is changing, you will never be able to enjoy their new music. Take it for what it is. Patrick’s vocals sound amazing as usual, and we are getting the new age Fall Out Boy half rock and half pop twist. It’s all in the ears of the beholder.I can say with much certainty that I like this song and will likely love whatever the new album will sound like. Let’s just hope they don’t prove me wrong.

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