Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness Self Titled Album Review


This man has created some of the most amazing music I have ever listened to. From Something Corporate, to Jack’s Mannequin, and finally here, I’ve been with him the whole way. This is the biggest step he’s taken, but I think it may be one of his best.

1. Canyon Moon

I love this as an opening track. It really gives a great vibe of what the rest of the album has in store. The steady bass beat in the background carries the song well, and the chorus is catchy as anything he’s written before. This is a very promising start.

2. Cecilia and the Satellite 

As the opening single, this track gave me a lot of hope in knowing that he was going to keep to his same sound, but still evolve. It’s one of those songs that make you step back and just think. So much nostalgia value here, and the song itself is very well written. The verses are steady, and the chorus breaks into a emotional swing. Beautiful song.

3. High Dive

This song defines a piece of music defined by its lyrics. When I first heard this song, I wasn’t sure how to feel about it (especially that little siren noise in the background). But after reading a bit from him explaining that it was a song from his perspective as if his love was with someone else, it gave me a whole new perspective and a whole new love for the song in general.

4. All Our Lives

This track is just so much to take in. The lyrics here are top notch, and the piano driven verses really catch you off guard. He sounds more alive in the chorus here than I’ve heard him in a long while/ Just so much energy here, I love it.

5. See Her on the Weekend

Now, the first track I’m not sure about. Don’t get me wrong, no one writes a slow song like Andrew, but his vocals here just sound off. In the chorus, I just though the vocals sound off tune or something. I mean, it’s not a bad song, but it could have been better.

6. Black and White Movies

This one keeps in the same gear as All Our Lives. The well written verses bleed nicely into the explosive chorus and really leaves you with a good feeling. Songs like this are the best type to fill an album with because ever if they’re similar, they never leave you wanting.

7. Driving Through A Dream

Hmm, I’m not sure about this one. The song is just a bit boring. Also, with the same pattern as See Her on the Weekend, the vocals sound a bit off in the chorus. It might just be my ears, but I can’t get over it. Again, not a bad tune, but it’s definitely not the best.

8. Halls

I can’t express how much I love this song. This just screams classic Andrew music, perfectly written, build up verses and a completely beautiful chorus that just screams passion. These are the types of songs that keep you coming back for more. Great song.

9. Rainy Girl

Remember how I said the last song was great? Well that is nothing compared to this song. This is the epitome of everything Andrew writes. It is absolutely perfect. The vocals here are the best they’ve been in some time, and the instrumentation is so well written it stings. It just doesn’t get better than this.

10. Maps for the Getaway

Albums like this need to have a perfect closer to put the ribbon on the box. That is exactly what we get here. This song perfectly embodies the album and leaves it with a great feeling. It speaks of times to come and a bright future, and I couldn’t imagine a better written conclusion to such a wonderful record.

Favorite Song

Rainy Girl

Final Thoughts

This is the perfect record to kick off Andrew’s solo career. It blends a new sounds with the nostalgia of old so well it’s crazy. I wanted so much from him, and he delivered. Please, give this album a listen, it is well worth your time.



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