There for Tomorrow “Nightscape” EP Review


It’s been a good while since There for Tomorrow have been able to release new music. The original release date for this EP was in January, but label set-backs made it hard for them to release. Finally, it’s out and it was worth the wait, for the most part.

1. Nightscape

A simple instrumental intro track. It gives the EP an eerie tone and sets it off well.

2. Lady in Black

This track is really great. The vocals from Maika here are on point and the band as a whole sounds really energized. The vocal range in the chorus hits home and gave me chills. I love the vibe given off here and definitely think it’s one of the best on the EP.

3. Dark Purple Sky

This track is so dramatic, I love it. Being the first single off the EP, it really set a stage. The song starts out with a very dark, dramatic into and bleeds into a massively alive song. The chorus here is incredible. The guitar work here gives a nice flow throughout and the song as a whole is simply amazing.

4. Racing Blood

I don’t think I’ve ever said this before in a review, but this song is damn sexy. The sleazy tone given off at the beginning of this song is great, and the track as a whole is so smooth. I love the progression this song has. It builds on itself at every turn and is simply a fantastic piece of music.

5. Breathe Easy

Again here we get a very sleazy, kind of sexy song. I can’t express enough how well this band makes a mood. Maika’s voice is perfect for the tone of songs they create. The guitar riff in the background here really adds to the song and the chorus is wonderful.

6. Tomb

I hate to say this, but this is the worst track on the Ep. It is boring and feels unfinished. I think the tone of this song feels nice as a closer, but the song as a whole just isn’t the best these guys have written. I wish this would have been worked out a bit better, because as a closer, it does not match up to the quality of the rest of this Ep.

Favorite Song

Dark Purple Sky

Final Thoughts

There for Tomorrow have continually grown as musicians since they started and this EP is no exception. With the exception of the closer, this EP is full of fantastic songs and is a perfect addition to the bands portfolio. I can’t wait for these guys to release a full album soon, or at least I hope soon.



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