Top 5 Worst Albums of 2014!

QUICK NOTE Some of the albums on this, and future, lists will be albums I haven’t done a formal review for. I know this may seem tacky, but I can only review so much and some deserve to be on here more than others. I’m sorry if this bothers anyone!


I started last years end of the year lists by saying that I thought 2013 was a pretty dull year in music. This year was a considerable step up. That being said, there is no escaping the inevitable garbage that has to be thrown out at some point. Here are my Worst 5 albums of 2014!

Most Disappointing Album of the Year

Foster the People – Supermodel


I had a hard time doing this review, because the content was so different than what I expected that it threw me for a loop. I loved Foster the People’s debut album. It was so quirky and light hearted that it will forever remain one of my favorites. When they released Supermodel, I just felt is was veered too far from their original sound. It took the sound they created on Torches and turned the psychedelic feel up to 10, which isn’t my cup of tea. I wouldn’t say it was one of the WORST albums of the year, but I was thoroughly disappointed

Worst EP

Anchor and Braille 


Ok, so technically this isn’t an EP, but it is a collection of two songs that were released together and it was the strongest candidate for this position. Anchor and Braille (Side project of Stephen Christian from Anberlin) have released some really solid music in the past. When they announced these songs, I was hyped up to the extreme. The finished product however, was just wacky. It sounded boring and watered down, something I rarely hear from the work of Stephen Christian. I hope their eventual album release is better than these songs, or else I’m gonna be one sad guy.

Number 5

Augustana – Life Imitating Life


Being a relatively good fan of Augustana, hearing the news of their return album made me happy. The result was, well, a bit pitiful. These songs all sounds nearly the same, and the overall just tired and forced. The guitar work was repetitive, the vocals sound strained, and the project as a whole just doesn’t work.  I will tell you that Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt was their best album and one of my favorites, but this album was just not needed. I wanted an epic comeback, but was left with mostly disappointment.

Number 4

The Used – Imaginary Enemy


As you may remember, The Used landed on last years Worst Of list in the form of their EP. As expected, they are on here once again. I love this band so much, but dammit they did the worst thing a band can do; they went political. Instead of sticking to their roots and continuing to do what they do best, they became politically influenced and now come off as preachy and annoying. The album is riddled with pathetic song writing and cries that sound like an angsty 15 year old learning about the ways of the world. These guys can surely redeem themselves, I just hope they make the right decision soon.

Number 3

Miss May I – Rise of the Lion


Miss May I have always been a mediocre band to me. I can’t think of a single record they’ve produced that has caught my attention. This album is no different. This is generic at it’s core, bringing out some of the least exciting songs they’ve produced to date. You can say whatever you’d like about how this critique it too harsh, but it’s true. The vocals sound the same on every track, the structure of the songs is boring, and really there is almost no depth here at all. I think this will be my last chance for Miss May I.

Number 2

Matty Mullins – Self Titled


Defining pretentious, Matty Mullins takes the shallow dive into a solo career, creating one of the most laughable solo attempts I’ve ever heard. I used to love Matty, thinking he was a decent singer with great lyric capabilities (with earlier MMF records), but now have a very negative view on him. I don’t care how popular your main band gets, that doesn’t give the right to become a preachy asshole. Matty took the fandom he created and decided to spit his religious propaganda into their ears. Not only is this albums annoying in meaning, it’s annoying, and down right disrespectful, in musical quality. This sounds like anything you might hear on the radio today, adding in generic electronic tracking with a catchy chorus. The musical depth here is a joke, and he should really think hard before releasing anything on his own merit again. Matty is better, than this; though I’m thinking he’s too far gone to ever come back.

Number 1

Attila – Proving Grounds


Honestly, who didn’t see this coming? Attila is just a band of pure trash. From their completely disrespectful lyrics to their absolute lack of talent, this band has nothing going for it, and it shows on Proving Grounds. Every song is just pathetic, bitching about this or that, never giving any taste of actual talent or meaning. The instrumental quality here is on par with a upcoming band that think chuggs and brutal screams will sell to an audience and gain you respect. Vocally, Fronz sounds over-produced and just gross on every track. After listening to this, he has officially taken his place amongst my most hated musicians. He and his posse of idiots have created an album that is so bad, so disrespectful, and so upright self-centered that it makes me queasy at the thought of having to listen to it ever again. I will strongly defend my opinions on this absolutely pitiful album, and solidify it as the worst album of the year, and one of the worst albums I have ever heard.

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