Playing To Vapors “Giant Conspiracy” Single Review


When I reviewed Playing To Vapors last single, “Ghost Hunter”, I was thoroughly impressed. It had the poise and character of a band that had experience on all fronts. Coming from a relatively young band, it showed a lot of promise. When they announced their new Ep ” A Glitch in a Void”, I was excited to see what these guys had to offer. If the first single is any indication, they have only gotten better.

“Giant Conspiracy” opens with a Circa Survive esc guitar melody that bleeds into solid vocals. The single overall has the same mysterious undertone seen in their previous work, while bringing a fresh element into the mix. The verses build up nicely into a strong and steady chorus that will inevitably get stuck in your head. The instrumentation on an overall basis is well written and sounds complete. Even the little addition of a synth (or what I assumed to be) in the chorus adds flare. The one negative critique I have here is that I felt the song ended a bit prematurely. I was expecting a bit more of a dramatic, drawn out closing, but was left wanting more. This, of course, is not a major criticism, but nonetheless I thought it was necessary to include.

This single shows Playing to Vapors perfecting their craft with a dash of fresh intent. I always enjoy hearing new music from these guys and know they have a monster career ahead of them. I mean, they’re from Columbus, Ohio, the birthplace of fantastic new music. These guys have a lot to say, and they have found a strong voice to say it with.

Wanna hear the track? Check it out here!

Wanna hear more from these guys? Click right here and support new music!

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