Interview with The Linden Method – Peru, IL


Last week, I met up with Chicago based punk band The Linden Method in Peru, IL and sat down for a fun interview. They were on their way to a show in Bloomington and were nice enough to sit down for a few mins and chat. Below is the transcription and link to the actual audio from the interview.

The interview started with some general chat and then moved into some real questions.

M: So, as an up and coming band, how do you stand out in a crowd and keep going with so much competition?

Fritz: It’s just a drive. We all love to make music and, it’s not like we don’t want to make money, but we are not afraid to lose it. I’d rather make $30,000 a year and be touring the country than, you know, going to school and doing that. Especially lately, things are going better and it gets real exciting. Just knowing our name is getting out there, like after our tour in England, is great.

M: You played a show in England?

Fritz: Yeah, we played out there in the Summer of 2014. It was definitely cool to play in front of kids out there. They are similar to the US, but I feel like they appreciate things more.

Alex: Kids go out more for something to do. In America, you can do anything at any time. The reaction we got in our last tour, in San Antonia or Dallas, the kids lost their mind because there isn’t as much to do, it’s more special.

Fritz: When we played in Oklahoma, we played a house show, and everyone was super stoked to come hang out and play a show. Nobody knew anything about us, but they still wanted to come hang out and party and it was fun. It takes you back to being 16 and going to your local venue and throwing down, it was a lot of fun.

M: In the world of social media, how do you feel it helps or doesn’t help you as a band?

Alex: It hinders more than anything. Everything is so heavily reliant. You can reach a high audience, but you have to pay for people to see your content.

Xack: At any given moment, only 150 of our 4000 followers see our posts.

Alex: Yeah, people tell us all the time that they never see our posts and it’s tough because, although Facebook is great, we make much more headway talking to people at shows than on the internet ever. Talking to other bands and meeting other people is amazing on social media, and we will end up seeing them at a show and have a beer and just hang out.

Fritz: It’s a good thing and a bad thing. Although you can pay to get your posts out there, people will see them and scroll right past. YOu can get your word out, but you have to pay. We will throw some cash on a post, but it sucks because nobody really pays attention. It’s a business and you need it to do anything. If you’re not a band on Facebook, no one can reach you. It’s a very good tool; It helps a lot and hurts a lot.

M: So let’s switch gears here, what is the biggest and you’ve played with and biggest band you want to play with?

Alex: My favorite band we’ve played with is I Call Fives, I love that band.

Fritz: Yeah, I Call Fives is a great band.

Alex: We have played with a lot of bands. In Europe, we played with No Second Chance and Your Demise, so we’ve played with some bigger bands in Europe. We end up playing with more hardcore bands than punk.We don’t really play the modern pop-punk sound.

Fritz: Our last EP, we went in trying to write something a little more radio friendly and still sticking to our roots. We are in the midst o writing our full length which is fast and aggressive, but still have some pop to it. Our biggest band we’d want to play with though would be…

Cody: Slayer

Xack: Kiss

FritzHaha yeah, Kiss. I mean I would honestly say Four Years Strong. They are one of those bigger bands that everybody likes. We don’t listen to many modern bands.

Xack: All the bands!

Alex: People come up to us all the time asking about new bands and we will say we’ve never even heard of that. I listen to early 2000’s pop punk.

Fritz: A lot of our influences are like Streetlight Manifesto and Less Than Jake. Like Alex was saying, a lot of people ask but we are stuck 10  years ago.

Cody: I’m really the only one who does listen to newer music and can relate. Me and Robbie.

Fritz: I guess it’s just that I’m not a real fan of bubblegum pop. I love pop-punk, but I don’t like the super catchy songs. I need something more fast and aggressive.

M: Let’s talk about your number one goal down the road. Or how about number one goal in 2015?

Xack: Take over the world.

Alex: Haha, for sure. But really, we have two things. We are finishing our new press kit right now and we will start talking to different agencies for management soon. Also, we are going to pitch our full length to labels. We are looking for distribution rights on this one.

M: So you are or are not looking for a label?

Fritz: Yeah, we are. Either that or a distribution company.

Xack: We’ve gotten to the point where we have reached our own possibilities alone and we need to branch out for help. If we get a label deal or management deal, we are open to anything.

FritzWe want to go around and say here is what we have, we just need that extra push that we don’t have the money for. We just need that extra push to get out there. It literally takes one guy.

Alex: We have spent thousands of dollars going DIY and paid it back again. You know what? It’s great and we got the street cred for it! It’s just at this point, we want to reach more people and do more things. It’s not impossible, but doing it all DIY without professionals is really difficult.

Fritz: It’s hard finding that one guys with all the competition out there. With some many bands out there, it makes it much more difficult.

M: Ok, fun question. What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you as a band?

There were a lot of chuckles.

Alex: Probably getting taken back stage in an all Latin club.

Fritz: Yeah, we were in Dallas and went to a strip club and it was all Latin people. In walk these white kids  in punk clothes and a merch guy and everyone was looking at us like “What the fuck?” Then, the manager saw my Chicago patch and realized we were from Chicago and took us in the back. He sits us by the DJ, gives us a table, free drinks, and it was funny cause these people were walking by us with looks like “Who the hell are these six white kids getting treated like this?” We had on shorts and tattoos, we definitely didn’t belong in there. We still payed a lot of money that night, even though we got hooked up.

M: My next question has a bit of backstory, so let me explain. I was talking with the band Come Wind after a set a few years back, and one of my friends just burst out with the question “What do you look forward to the most every day?” The lead singer turned and answered “To be honest, I just love the feeling of taking off my dress socks.” I thought this answer was perfect, so I will pose to you the same question, what do you all look forward to the most at the end of the day?

Fritz: Taking Wal-Mart showers while on tour!

Alex: It’s great turning Wal-Mart’s bathrooms into a locker room.

Fritz: We were in Oklahoma and doing that and some kid was talking shit saying “When the hell did this become a locker room?” and we said back like “Who the fuck are you man?”

Alex: Just let me wash my hair, I smell like shit!

Cody: Like, we’d have to stick our heads under the hand dryer to dry our hair afterwards.

Xack: Oh yeah! And those hand dryers you can flip the nozzle and face it up, it’s great.

And with that, we talked a bit more on the way back out to the parking lot and said goodbye. Be sure to check out The Linden Method on Facebook and bandcamp, and listen to the actual audio from the interview by clicking on the link below!

Audio Link:

The Linden Method Facebook Page:

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